The Company

Jati Sakti located in Jepara, Central Java, Indonesia is an export oriented company. We produce handcrafted furniture, handycraft and home accessories. As a growing company, we are committed to providing the best for you. Started from choosing the materials, processing, constructing, finishing to packaging. All we do carefully with a good quality control process. Our work team to work professionally. Availability of raw materials and production processes on time has always been our priority. Our prices is considerably ready to compete against the market prices with no disregard of quality and the sense of art of product itself.

Production Range :
Indoor Mahogany, Teak & Java Wood Furniture
Handycraft & Home Accessories

Type of Business :
Manufacturer & Exporter

Market :

Production Capacity :
4 x 40″ / month

Feel free to see our product further in our online catalog, click our products and you will find whatever you pleased. If you need more collection of handcrafted furniture, handycraft and home accessories, please contact us.